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Elizabeth Boynton Harbert childhood home
About this photograph:

This photo depicts the childhood home of Lizzie Boynton (Elizabeth Boynton Harbert) in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Constructed in the 1850s on the orders of Elizabeth's mother, Abigail (Sweetser) (Boynton) Ramey, it was known by the locals as "Abby's folly," and was often referred to as "the Old Manse" in letters written by Lizzie while sitting in the upstairs room.

Now known as the Ramey-Milligan house, it is an excellent example of the Gothic Revival style. It has 10 foot high windows, resembles a church, and is as ornate on the inside as it is outside. It has been faithfully restored, and is featured in Indiana Houses of the Nineteenth Century, by Wilbur D. Peet (Indianapolis: Ind. Hist.Soc., 1962). It is listed with the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana. Currently (2012) it houses a child care facility called "The Storybook House," located at 815 Milligan Avenue, Crawfordsville.

The photo was taken by Lizzie's son, Arthur, in 1889 and was discovered among the belongings of Lizzie's granddaughter, Elizabeth Boynton (Rowe) Frederick. The Society has the original negative, glass slide, and dated envelope. To see the same view of the house taken in October, 2011 click here to view it in a separate browser window.

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